Essential Oils – how safe are they?


Enjoy our guest post from one of our favourite organic skin care brands Mokosh. Essential oils are natural aromatic substances extracted from plants. Although they are oil-soluble, they are strictly not ‘oils’ since they do not contain the fatty acids of a plant-derived oil. They consist of a … [Read more...]

Baby skin care – organic baby skin care products

Certified Organic First Light Baby Range

 Certified organic ingredients - vegan Preparing and getting ready for a new baby in your home? Our children depend upon our care and the choices we make for them. It is vitally important to protect our baby from the harmful effects of the toxic chemicals that are found in most personal care … [Read more...]

Organic toner

synthesis 345 first love hydrating toner

  Certified organic skin toner and hydrating mists. The Lavender and rose hydration (hydrosols) mists with soft light essential oil fragrances, are cooling and refreshing to revive a tired complexion especially on a hot day. These are beautiful perfume sprays, spray around your head, … [Read more...]