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The perfect vegan makeup concealer – Tips to using a concealer, your beauty holy- grail makeup product

A vegan makeup concealer is a girl’s best friend; to help cover blemishes, dark circles and imperfections. Traditional formulations made with ingredients such as Talc, Petrochemicals and Parabens are drying and irritating especially to the delicate eye area, and are also toxic. Choose healthy … [Read more...]

Himalayan Salt – Himalayan Salt Crystals for Healing and Beauty

Himalayan Salt - With its delicate pink, rose colour crystals, this highly prized natural remedy offers many amazing health benefits. Salt still remains an essential part of our daily diet, and there is one particular type of salt; Himalayan crystal salt that offers many benefits to our health … [Read more...]

Organic skin care Australia

Looking for Organic skin care products in Australia? Alleviate wrinkles, marks and spots the natural way! Alternative cosmetics utilise chemicalised products, which tend to prove detrimental to your skin care procedures in the long run. However, Chikii is equipped with the finest natural … [Read more...]

Online natural makeup

Meticulous online natural makeup! Indulge in the perfection of natural makeup. Add that finishing touch you aspire, with products you know are capable of enhancing your beauty. Relieve and rejuvenate your facial skin! Envision your ideal complexion with a touch a juvenileness for you to … [Read more...]

Natural home fragrance

Is that perfection I smell? Quit envisioning a perfect natural home fragrance that will blow away guests and entice the whole home! Interior beauty and a vibrant home fragrance can often be the complimenting accessory to any household. Relive the elegance your home can emit, by acquiring … [Read more...]

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