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Chikii mineral cosmetics

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Native red seaweed

the key to combating the signs of aging organically read more >

Palm oil

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Chikii Brands

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Organic beauty samples

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Fresh spring skin tips using organic skincare

spring skincare tips

Spring is a time for renewal, new beginnings and changes; a time to reinvigorate and to discard old habits and bring new energy into your life. Spring is often associated with de-cluttering your living space at home and the office. I look forward to getting rid of the old and making space to breathe … [Read more...]

Sensitive skin needs special care

sensitive skin reaction

People who have allergies and have strong reactions to conventional mass market skincare products naturally convert to using natural and organic skincare products. Skin comfort and allergic reaction is a very real issue for those dealing with it on a daily basis. A true understanding of irritants … [Read more...]

Zeolite – Powerful natural cleansing agent for body and skin


The two most important factors in slowing down the aging process and preventing disease, is the reduction and elimination of toxins from the body, and having a full operational immune system. Pollution and chemicals are part of our life, and everyday there are more and more chemicals and poisons … [Read more...]

Organic cleansing oils – The oil cleansing method, which oils are best for me


Have you considered using an oil cleanser? Do you know which oils to use that are beneficial for your face and for your skin type? Today we are going to give you our star picks of organic cleansing oils and why we love them, featuring the best organic oil ingredients to use. Improve lipid … [Read more...]

Longevity – Remain healthy and vibrant as you age

At Chikii we now have this brilliant anti-aging health book at our store.'Unlocking the secrets to longevity, Handing you 'the key'  be Sonia Crystella. Sonia shares valuable information on the latest on how you can turn back the clock on aging, lifestyle changes,eating habits,Telomere … [Read more...]