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Organic body scrubs – Is your scrub polluting the environment?

organic facial scrubs

Have you used body scrubs that have little exfoliating beads in them? Have you ever check to see what those beads are made of? If you did, were you able to figure it out from the ingredient label? Microplastics, micro beads, polyethylene beads are found in conventional personal care products such … [Read more...]

Jojoba oil – Raw certified organic jojoba oil and La mav lip tints

certified organic jojoba and la mav tinted lip treatment

It seems that Jojoba oil is one of the most popular ingredients found in most of our organic beauty products, and yes it has many benefits. Jojoba oil (simmondsia chinensis) is actually a liquid wax, it is odourless and it is easy to mix in with other ingredients as it has no scent and because it is … [Read more...]

Organic bath products – One of life’s simple pleasures and it is good for you

organic bath salt blends

Aside from being one of life’s simple pleasures, the whole bathing ritual is healing, calming and rejuvenating. Baths have many health and wellness benefits, it increases blood circulation, reduces stress and mental fatigue. It is one place that allows you to quieten your mind and to help you let go … [Read more...]

Anti aging skin care – 10 best antioxidant ingredients

Eating a healthy diet in antioxidants helps boosts your skin radiance and glow, and are also extremely beneficial  for your health and well being. Organic anti aging skin care with antioxidant ingredients have restorative capabilities and work to neutralize and fight free radicals which assists … [Read more...]

Organic anti aging skin care – The power of Pomegranate

Pomegranate fruit juice in glass pitcher

Native to mountainous regions of the Middle East, the exotic pomegranate has long been used as an elixir for health and beauty. It is a potent ingredient found in organic  anti aging skin care. Ancient Egyptian papyrus depicts this fruit as a facial tonic and the Greeks praised its skin … [Read more...]