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Essential Oils – how safe are they?


Enjoy our guest post from one of our favourite organic skin care brands Mokosh. Essential oils are natural aromatic substances extracted from plants. Although they are oil-soluble, they are strictly not ‘oils’ since they do not contain the fatty acids of a plant-derived oil. They consist of a … [Read more...]

Premature aging can be directly caused by inflammation in the body

inflammation in the body

Premature aging can be directly caused by inflammation in the body Inflammation arises from an immune response out of control. Many experts now see inflammation as arising from an immune system response that is out of control. When you catch a cold or sprain your ankle, or get sunburn your … [Read more...]

Organic skin care – for a more alive, transformed and radiant you

living energy in your skin care

The products we choose to put on our body can also have a significant impact on our overall health and well being. Skincare is a lot more than just good hygiene; it is a routine and a commitment to true self care that is done on a daily basis. It is also an uplifting and healing experience to … [Read more...]

Organic Serum – Use everyday for beautiful youthful skin

hyaluronic acid

An effective organic beauty product to use as part of your skin care regime is to optimise and address your skin concerns by the application of an organic Serum/Nectar. An organic serum contains high concentrations of targeted ingredients, delivering vital nutrients and vitamins to help … [Read more...]

Australian Bush Flower Skin Care Love System – All we need is love

aus flowers love system

Chikii scours the globe to find only the most beautiful skincare products for our customers, and rarely does the launch of a new organic skincare system, that is so revolutionary, set a new quality benchmark for the whole industry!! Well, we’ve found what we believe are the most beautiful bespoke … [Read more...]