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Native red seaweed

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Seaweed Extracts – One of ocean’s greatest treasures

red seaweed glycans

Seaweed, that slimy stuff can do amazing things for your hair and skin. This ingredient is a great weapon in the battle of pigmentation, combats redness, increases skin hydration and has anti-aging trans formative powers, many call this the “ocean’s elixir of youth.” Seaweed extracts are also a … [Read more...]

Healthy Makeup – Invest in natural makeup products

natural makeup

So you have cleaned up your diet, stopped using harsh cleaning products and traded your synthetic skincare products for clean, organic skincare. That is great, you are going in the right direction in caring for your health and well being, (and enjoying beautiful, glowing skin) but have you looked at … [Read more...]

Fresh spring skin tips using organic skincare

spring skincare tips

Spring is a time for renewal, new beginnings and changes; a time to reinvigorate and to discard old habits and bring new energy into your life. Spring is often associated with de-cluttering your living space at home and the office. I look forward to getting rid of the old and making space to breathe … [Read more...]

Sensitive skin needs special care

sensitive skin reaction

People who have allergies and have strong reactions to conventional mass market skincare products naturally convert to using natural and organic skincare products. Skin comfort and allergic reaction is a very real issue for those dealing with it on a daily basis. A true understanding of irritants … [Read more...]

Zeolite – Powerful natural cleansing agent for body and skin


The reduction and elimination of toxic chemicals from our bodies and  having a strong immune system are two important factors in slowing down the aging process and preventing disease. Pollution and chemicals are part of our life, and everyday we come into  contact with more and more chemicals and … [Read more...]