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Natural Mascara- Are you looking for a cleaner mascara that actually works?

natural mascara review

Kjaer Weis Natural Mascara Review What a journey, finding a clean natural mascara with non-toxic and healthy makeup ingredients that we really like. This is one makeup product that is hard to swap from a chemical cocktail to a healthy natural mascara that works and performs really well. Like many … [Read more...]

Blissoma – A truly natural skincare brand

Watch the Video Presentation with Julie Longyear Brand formulator for Blissoma Natural Skincare Being healthy with glowing skin is sexy, we love natural and organic skincare ingredients, they make a positive difference to our health and it makes us feel good and empowered that we are also … [Read more...]

Greenwashing – ease confusion on labeling claims

looking a skincare label

Navigating Greenwashing - Find the best organic natural beauty products for you. We understand why you can feel a little overwhelmed when it comes to choosing the right products. Also you want a product that works, is effective, and contains safe, high quality ingredients. All these labelling … [Read more...]

Organic skincare ingredients – Understanding the product label

Annmarie Gianni's glass packaging

Organic skincare ingredients - What to look for. Do you know what to look when shopping for a organic skincare or a natural skincare product? Are you new to using an organic or natural  product instead of using a conventional product? Below is information on what to look for when shopping for … [Read more...]

Kiri Organics Review – The perfect sun-free tan

kiri organics ingredients article

 Kiri Organics review -  gradual tanning products. With the weather warming up and looking at my lily white arms and legs I thought that it was time to indulge and be colour ready for the summer. I also have quite sensitive skin and finding a safe tan alternative which gives a natural colour … [Read more...]